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Welcome to Cornwall Studios

Jacquie O'Neill

Inspired by emotions, I’m ultimately trying to capture those feelings on paper - the essence of an experience, be that riding a wave or a cold water swim under a crescent moon! The ocean pulls me the strongest, but a babbling brook or a tranquil lake half way up a mountain can elicit a beautiful response too! If I can successfully translate that feeling into a visual format, then hopefully a seconds glance at the image can transport you to that moment in a similar way that a smell can.

Born through the first Lockdown in 2020 when I found myself looking for ways to express the emotions that I was experiencing from not being able to spend time in the ocean, Cornwall Studios became the perfect opportunity to try new mediums and subjects. Having been a freelance commercial illustrator for the last 20 years, I was predominantly a digital artist, but when I picked up a paint brush again, something cracked open and spilled out - rediscovering paint, pencils, paper and canvas re-awoke that love of getting messy in the medium, and creating art just for the feeling it ignites within!

Jacquie O'Neill

Having been a freelance illustrator for over 20 years i've worked with many varied clients, from Ebay, Adobe, Reebok and the BBC, to the local health food shop and builder.  If you would like to see a selection of my commercial illustrations, please pop over to my illustration website: 
Thank you for stopping by to find out more about me, I hope you find a print you like - and if you want something I don't have, you can always commission your own here.

Why Cornwall Studios?
Cornwall is my Studio, because my Studio is wherever I am with my sketchbook, I take it everywhere now and sketch what I see!! I love to head out in my van and draw the beaches, waves and surfers that I see on my adventures around North Cornwall!