Hello from Cornwall Studios


I’m an ocean loving artist and illustrator inspired by my life in Cornwall, where I live near the sea, with over 400 miles of coastline on my doorstep!

You’ll often find me at the beach with salty skin, windswept hair, sandy feet, crystals in my bra and seashells in my pocket! 

If this resonates with you, then you’re one of my kind - welcome!
You're in the right place to find some ocean infused artwork that speaks to your soul, celebrates who you are and awakens your wild woman within!! 

As well as selling my beautiful artwork and gifts, I also work with ocean loving businesses and organisations who share my values on protecting and preserving the ocean and planet.
I create fluid, positive illustrations, logos and branding that connect with the soul and convey messages with feeling. 
Jacquie O'Neill
Why the name Cornwall Studios?
Cornwall is my Studio, because my Studio is wherever I am with my sketchbook, I take it everywhere now and sketch what I see!! I love to head out in my van and draw the beaches, waves, surfers and swimmers that I see on my adventures around North Cornwall!
Well, all that, and also not being able to use my surname, because of a well known surf brand, hahahaha!!!